Dr. Alan Farber, Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Contact Alan:

  • Interested in joining a committee
  • Presenting a webinar
  • Webinar Recommendations
  • Improving adding to iADS Community
  • Anything at all regarding iADS!

Contact Alan through the iADS community OR

Email drfarber@theiads.org

Cell 631-793-8229         


Dr. Sam Bakuri

Chairman of Corporate Marketing

Contact Sam:

  • New Corporate member opportunities
  • Existing Corporate member assistance

Contact Sam through the iADS community OR

Email sambakuri@gmail.com

Cell (909) 974-9202



Dr. William Greene

Chairman of Residents & Resident Directors

Contact Willis

  • If you are a resident or resident director and need assistance
  • If your dues status has changed.
  • If you are a Resident Director of a specialty program or want to recommend one
  • If you are a dental specialist resident or wish to recommend candidates
  • Are president of a Dental Specialist Organization or wish to recommend a candidate

Contact Willis Greene through the iADS community OR

Email willis63@aol.com

Cell (631) 235-8611



Rutendo (Rue)  Mutenha

Social Media Director

Rutendo’s background in customer service and social media management gives her a grasp on managing online platforms. She assumes the role of Social Media Director and oversees:

  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Webinar promotions
  • Community Management / Engagement

Contact Rue:

  • Issues with communities or discussions
  • Payment issues 
  • Membership Category change

Contact Rue through the iADS community OR

Email – social@theiads.org

Telephone:  (631) 319-0655