Marketing With Surgical Precision

When:  Jan 24, 2024 from 20:00 to 21:30 (ET)
Ralph Wilson and Gina Fiorito - Marketing With Surgical Precision
Course Description:
In surgery we focus on standard protocols, precision, and evidence behind what we do. In marketing it’s been said that everything is marketing and marketing is everything.  However being said and being true are not the same thing. The same precision taken to surgery can be done with marketing. Incorporation of what we call a practice liaison can help focus and reiterate the message in a way that allows a surgeon to do more or what he or she genuinely does best. The goal is to treat more patients from the right sources and do it well. 
1. Explain utility and purpose of a practice liaison
2. Describe and outline daily and monthly activities.
3. Demonstrate appropriate activities versus ones that are lower priority and generate less effective outcomes.
4. Provide information on what has been found to be most effective.
Ralph Wilson:
Ralph graduated from Ohio State undergrad, dental school, and the perio program. He is a boarded periodontist and has spoken at the annual AAP meeting on multiple occasions. He is currently the managing partner for AZPerio. 
Gina Fiorito: 
Manager, Practice Relations. Gina has been with AZPerio for a number of years and will provide more direct insight in the day to day activities of a practice liaison.
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